AMERICAN HERITAGE ANTIQUES is Oklahoma’s leading buyer of quality antiques. We are always seeking “better than average” items in very good condition. If you have the quality we are looking for, there is no one in the business that will pay more than we will. We have high standards because our customers and clients have high standards, so we look for the best in every category. Some of the categories we specifically look for are advertising items, lighting (primarily slag glass lamps, but others, too) clocks, watches, art pottery (Roseville, Hull, Weller, Rookwood, Teco, Van Briggle, etc.), stoneware and crockery, country and general store display items, art (paintings, photographs, prints, lithographs, engravings, etc.), military items, knives, toys, rare books, walking sticks and canes, art glass (Tiffany, Daum Nancy, Lalique, Pairpoint, Galle, etc.), Art Deco and Art Nouveau items, rare kitchen collectibles, Native American items (including jewelry), scientific and medical equipment, soda fountain and drugstore items, phonographs, mechanical antiques, sporting items (hunting, fishing, etc.) and, of course, authentic antique American furniture (100 years or older). If you have it, it is old (1950’s and older), and think it might be good, call us or bring it by. We are probably interested. You might want to call in advance (918-298-9408) to make sure James is in that day. Even he has to take a day off every once in a while. ;o)

As mentioned before, our standards are high. We look for items in very good condition. If it is broken or worn out, it will not be an item that works for us. We are not set up to do repairs and refinishing. However, if you’re not certain, we’d rather take the time to look at it than have it sold at a garage sale at way less than it is worth. We hear the horror stories every week of the great items someone (or their parents) sold way too cheap, or simply gave away or threw away, just because they didn’t know any better. Let us partner with you to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

All of our furniture is, with very few exceptions, 100 years old or older, and almost exclusively American made. If you are not sure, we can help you. E-mailing photographs is a quick and easy way to have us look at items, or you can bring them by the shop any time. If it is something we are interested in seeing in person we will then set an appointment to go to your house or storage facility.

I do have to send out this caution. I will never be able to tell you what something is worth without at least seeing a picture of the item. And anyone that is willing to do this needs to be ignored!! There are just too many variables that have to be taken into account before a value is placed on an item.

We will buy individual items, complete collections, or entire estates. If you have a lifetime of great items that you know your children are not interested in, we may be your answer. Let us turn it into money you can enjoy now. We also offer consignment service for better items. This is a great way for the client (owner) to maximize their return on an item or items. Call for details.

American Heritage Antiques, LLC
James Pearce – Owner
101 E. Main St
Jenks, OK 74037

We are located: 4.5 miles south of I-44 on US-75; Exit Jenks Main St (96th St), 2.5 miles east into the heart of Downtown Jenks ANTIQUE CAPITOL OF OKLAHOMA