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 American Heritage Antiques, located in the heart of the antiques district in Jenks, America, Antique Capital of Oklahoma, is your destination when your quest is for authentic American antiques.  We specialize in American antiques from the early 1800`s through the Arts and Crafts period of the early 1900`s.  Turn of the century, ca. 1900, oak furniture is our mainstay, but we consistently have furniture older, and enjoy finding nice quality pieces in walnut, cherry, mahogany, name it, as long as it was made in the good ol` U.S. of A.  But furniture is only a portion of what we buy and sell.  Other favorite categories include clocks and pocket watches, art pottery and glass, lamps, weapons, militaria, scientific instruments, tools, advertising, country store and pharmacy items, sporting goods, sterling silver, books, toys, Native American and western items, etc., etc., etc.  The common requirement being that they are in very good condition, old and authentic.  No exceptions.

American Heritage Antiques is the leading buyer of quality American antiques in Oklahoma and we are always seeking fine examples in excellent condition.  We will purchase individual items, collections, or complete estates.  We even liquidate estates through our estate sales division as long as there is an emphasis on antiques in the estate.  Consignments are also accepted for nicer items, and this service is especially beneficial for owners of exceptional items.  Please call 918-298-9408 to speak with owner James Pearce about your item(s).  Home visits are available for larger items or large collections, but feel free to bring items by the store any time of any day.  You might want to call ahead to make sure James is in that day.

Jenks, Oklahoma, located on the southwest edge of Tulsa, just west of the Arkansas River on 96th Street, became an antique lover`s paradise in the 1970`s and, to this day, is a favorite among collector`s old and young.  The three-block-long historic downtown area is home to approximately a dozen antique shops.  This means visitors can park once and shop all day.  Or two!!

When we started our business, my wife and I made a commitment that we would never allow reproductions or decorator items in our shop.  Most of us that have collected antiques have, at some point in time, been taken advantage of by unscrupulous dealers.  The feeling we experience once we discover that the item we just purchased is either a reproduction or is just an outright fraudulent item, is sickening, and breeds cynicism.  That is the last thing we want our clients to experience.  To the disappointment of some, we also do not carry contemporary collectibles.  The bottom line is that if it is in our store, it is old and authentic.  A written guarantee of authenticity is available for every purchase, and if an item is ever discovered to not be authentic, a full refund will be cheerfully issued.   "Caveat emptor" (Latin for "Let the buyer beware") is practiced worldwide in the antiques industry.  However, we feel that there ought to be at least one place where you can simply relax and know, without a doubt, that the item(s) you are looking at is, indeed, exactly what it is portrayed to be.  Period.  No exceptions.  Ever!!

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